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Business in Bixby

The business climate in Bixby offers prime location, vital logistics, an affluent and well educated population base along with open land opportunities making  Bixby the natural choice for business. The city is characterized by an open attitude toward quality development and community growth. Bixby remains to be one of the fastest growing communities in the State of Oklahoma with a 56.6% growth rate from the 2010 Census.

The City of  Bixby is dedicated to providing quality shopping, dining, services and recreation choices for all of the south Tulsa area. The SpiritBank Event Center and accompanying Regal Plaza development is a distinctive addition on the north side of Bixby with more than 300,000 square feet of retail anchored by two hotels and a 4,500 seat arena.

Oklahoma offers numerous incentives and programs to encourage development, and has been consistently ranked as a business-friendly state by leading research firms. A  2004 study by Pollina Corporate Real Estate notes: “Oklahoma offers one of the most comprehensive and aggressive business incentive packages in the country, which allows it to take full advantage of its central United States location.”

For more detailed information visit the City of Bixby or Choose Bixby


One of Bixby’s most celebrated strengths is the continual increase in growth of both businesses and residents: our City is easy to live, work, shop and play in. Bixby is known acorss Oklahoma as an up and coming innovator of character and style. In 2009 Bixby was named one of the Top 100 Place to Live by CNN Money.  Bixby also remains one of the fastest growing communities in Oklahoma and represents the best of what the Tulsa Metro area has to offer. Premium residential development ranging from 150,000 to over million dollar estates, land for development, an outstanding 6A school system and a thriving business community.

Some Demographic Highlights:

  • 78% of Bixby households are family households
  • 37% of Bixby residents have earned a college degree
  • The average family household income in Bixby is $85,336.00
  • 343,951 people live within a 10-mile radius of the heart of Bixby


Bixby has very convenient vantage points for transportation purposes within the city as well as surrounding areas. Travelers and residents can access transportation several options to easily accommodate them:

Bixby is served by:

  • US Highway 64 (Memorial Drive)
  • State Highway 67 (151st Street)
  • US Highway 75
  • I-44 (Turner Turnpike) located 8 miles north
  • Highway 169 connects just north of Bixby and loops north

The nearest commercial airport is Tulsa International Airport in Tulsa, sixteen miles to the north. The airport serves both national and international flights. Richard Lloyd Jones, Jr. Airport, Oklahoma’s busiest general aviation airport is located 10 minutes south of downtown Tulsa. This three-runway suburban airport, bordering the City of Jenks, ranks in the top 35 nationally for volume of traffic, serving private and corporate aviation and relieving general aviation traffic from Tulsa International.

Development & Industrial Sites

The City of Bixby  please contact the City of Bixby’s Director of Economic Development Trish Richey at 366-0444.

Fertile Sites to Plant your Business.

Bixby currently has several prime industrial sites available for firms that are now considering relocation or expansion. Offered with all utilities in place, these sites can be built-to-suit at extremely low construction costs.

Special incentives available to new Bixby companies may include land cost discounts, lease payment reductions and loans or grants to offset relocation expenses. In addition, some companies may benefit from cash payments from Oklahoma’s Quality jobs program.

Business Park Locations

The Chognard Business Park is located in the approximate area of 151st St. So. and Harvard. It is bordered by Harvard to the west, Springtree Addition to the northwest and 141st St. So. to the northeast, Yale Avenue to the east, and 151st St. So. to the south. The Chognard Business Park is presently undeveloped. A description of the site follows:

The Chognard Business Park has set aside 235 acres of corporate and business development. The commercial office uses will allow a maximum of 1,045,549 square feet of space and the business corporate areas can accommodate a maximum of 4,456,188 square feet of floor area.

The site has important urban services readily available at or near the project. Water lines include: an existing 12″ main extending from near the Kimberly-Clark Plant south along Yale Place (Industrial Road) to 151st Street South; an existing 8″ main extending from the east along 141st Street South to Springtree Addition: an existing 12″ main extending from the east along 151st Street South to Yale Avenue; and a proposed 12″ main connection between Yale Avenue to Yale Place.

A 6″ pressurized sanitary sewer line also lies adjacent to the 141st Street South alignment on the north end of the site. It provides service to the Springtree Addition. The site is easily serviced by a gravity – flow sanitary sewer system. A study will be made to determine if sewer main extension can be provided from the Kimberly – Clark Plant site through Jenks to the project site.

A large portion of the project has been dedicated and/or reserved as drainage ways and recreation – open space. Storm sewer will be provided internally to each developed area as required. The flood-ways, undevelopable areas and certain bottomland areas will be preserved, thus enhancing stormwater runoff and the sites natural amenities. On-site detention will be provided in those areas where necessary.

A 24″ gas line crosses Harvard Avenue about 1/4 mile north of 141st Street South and affords access to the project needs. A 4″ long gas line presently being extended south along the east side of Harvard Avenue to 161st Street south. Gas service is also available from a 2″ line located 1/4 mile east of Yale Avenue along the north side of 151st Street South.

A PSO 138 KV transmission line runs north to south immediately between the project’s two major land tracts with a unit substation located at 134th Street South and Yale Avenue. Power is available from O.G.& E. from its 12.5 KV 3-phase power lines along Yale Avenue, Harvard Avenue, and 151st Street South.

It is anticipated that cable television and telephone service will be easily provided.

Permits and Developmental Procedures

The City of Bixby strives to make the development process simple, transparent and efficient. To assist those wanting to develop land in Bixby for either commercial or residential purposes, we’ve provided the following helpful links:

  • To View Meetings Times and Agendas for City Committees and Boards:
    Meeting Notices
  • To Download Forms Needed for Planning Commission Actions, Including Lot Splits, PUDs, Zoning and Plats:
    Public Improvements
  • To Access, View and Download Various Forms and Regulations Related to Obtaining a Building Permit (Commercial, Residential and Privately Financed Public Improvements):
    Building Permits
  • To Request an Inspection:

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