Community Offers Help After Local Fire

By Jo-Ann Jennings in Bixby Bulletin

Fire bans continue.

Firefighters head out, sirens blaring, to put out grass fires.

And there appears to be no end in sight.

Unfortunately for one Bixby family, Travis and Lisa White,142nd and Sheridan in the Spring Tree Addition, their home caught fire Sunday Afternoon, April 3, at approximately 2 p.m. It caught fire again the next morning before the family had retrieved their belongings.

“ (Sunday) Travis was home with the two youngest daughters, Libby and Lydia,” said Linda Burns, mother of Lisa White.  “He was in their room putting them down for a nap when they smelled smoke.”

Burns explained that Travis is recovering from knee cap replacement surgery and has braces on both knees, but in spite of the handicap, he was able to get a propane tank out of the garage before it exploded. Fortunately, the two older children, Lindsay and Landon, were visiting friends. Lisa and Burns were in Claremore at a Home and Garden Show until they received a call that Lisa’s house was on fire.

“By the time we got there, the firemen were finishing up checking for hot spots,” said Burns, adding that the fire was contained in the garage, kitchen, and laundry room and her grandson’s bedroom. The remainder of the house sustained water and smoke damage.

“The Red Cross was there also,” Burns said. “They put the family in a motel in Jenks for a couple of nights. The family was told not to enter the house or remove anything until the insurance and inspector looked at the damage. Consequently, they left with nothing but the clothes they had on.”

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Story on Partner Don Kreutzweiser

Story by Jo-Ann Jennings in Bixby Bulletin

Don Kreutzweiser, quickly becoming a household name in Bixby, known for his invitation of, “Let’s have coffee some time,” says it was indeed a camera which kept him from making the wrong decisions in early high school. “I was in ninth grade, a good kid going astray, hanging out with people who would be a bad influence.” By chance, Kreutzweiser was noticed and rescued by the economics teacher who was in charge of the school paper.

“He saw a kid who desperately needed something to do.” From there Kreutzweiser was handed a camera, and even today remembers ruining his first roll of film in the darkroom. “I never forgot to push the proper button again,” he adds with a smile. “That started the passion for shooting and processing.”

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Rotary Update

From Staff Reports in Bixby Bulletin

2011 Bixby BBQ and Music

Rotary’s last Bixby BBQ ‘n’ Music committee meeting will be Thursday evening, April 21,  6-7 p.m.  at the Hardesty Library at 96th and Memorial. Rotary needs each and every member of the  club to participate in this great community event. If someone  hasn’t  signed up for an area to volunteer on the days of the festival, contact one of the committee members or look for signup sheets at Tuesday’s meeting. There are  lots of openings for help in the parking area!

Make sure you check us out on Facebook. The Rotary Club of Bixby and the Bixby BBQ ‘n’ Music Festival each now have their own Facebook page. Come “like” us! and look for the fun contests on the BBQ Festival page.


Workshops for our upcoming Choices presentations are scheduled for Tuesdays, April 12th and 26th and Wednesday April 13th at BTC Broadband Office, 11134 S. Memorial Dr., 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm. Our presentation dates are MAY 12 & 13 at the Bixby Middle School. You only need to attend one training date. We NEED 11 presenters for each day (two hours of your time). To learn more about CHOICES go to and watch the demo.

For more information, you can always check our website at

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Oklahoma’s 53rd Legislative Session Update

By Senator Dan Newberry in Bixby Bulletin

Prior to the beginning of the 2011 legislative session, Senate leaders announced an agenda focused on establishing conditions for economic growth in Oklahoma.  The Senate continued its efforts in advancing that agenda this week, approving legislation that will lower costs for businesses and help Oklahoma compete for major economic development projects.

The Senate approved House Bill 2128, which establishes a cap of $350,000 for noneconomic damages in civil actions.  The approval of this proposal sends a message to prospective employers that Oklahoma is positioning itself to compete for jobs on a national level.  In order for our state to become a destination for business and industry, it is critical that we mitigate the risk of predatory litigation.  This legislation accomplishes that goal, while ensuring citizens with severe injuries have access to adequate compensation.

The Oklahoma Trial Bar has led a campaign of misinformation on this year’s tort reform proposals, perhaps saving their worst and most irrelevant criticisms for this proposal.

Nowhere in their advertisements and literature will you find them mentioning the fact that the bill will not limit damages for medical expenses and loss of wages.  Additionally, the measure allows for exceptions in instances of gross negligence, intentional actions, reckless disregard or malicious conduct.  The bill brings balance to our system of civil justice.  The costs of jackpot lawsuits affect all Oklahomans.  We pay for it in the form of higher insurance premium costs and higher costs for businesses.  This law will help keep these costs under control.

We also approved House Bill 1953, which will create the Quick Action Closing Fund.  Approximately 30 states have a special closing fund to attract economic development projects by providing resources for infrastructure and capital needs.  Under the measure, the Department of Commerce will administer the fund. The program will include a “claw back” provision so that the state will be reimbursed if the project does not generate projected results. Although no public funds will be appropriated this session, the bill does contain a five-year sunset provision that will take effect beginning the fiscal year after the program is funded. The measure also requires disclosure of all payments from the fund on the Department of Commerce website.

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