FallinForBusiness.com Reports Early Demographics

Story found on TulsaBusiness.com

Since Gov. Mary Fallin launched the 2011 Business Climate Survey on Dec. 1, more than 3,000 business owners and executives from 76 of 77 counties have weighed in with perspectives on business issues ranging from infrastructure to workforce.

The FallinForBusiness.com web site contains reports on early information about who has taken the survey.

Oklahoma and Tulsa counties lead with the greatest number of participants at 30.96 and 14.75 percent of total respondents respectively. Several rural counties – Cimarron, Coal, Cotton and Roger Mills – have had more than 20 percent of all their businesses participate in the survey.

“Participation levels like this illustrate the importance that businesses statewide attach to this initiative,” said Dave Lopez, secretary of Commerce and Tourism.

Businesses of all sizes have responded to the survey, with 78 percent of businesses that employ more than 500 people participating. Small businesses, with fewer than 100 employees, have also capitalized on this opportunity to make their voices heard, representing 87.4 percent of all the businesses participating in the survey to date.

“For small businesses…”

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Creating a Culture of Wellness – January 10, 2012 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

616 West Seventh Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74127

Our January 10, 2012 meeting will feature Bret Bringham, Wellness Coordinator-Melton Truck Lines, and Michelle L. Griffith, Compensation and Benefits Administrator-Explorer Pipeline, who will present:

“Creating a Culture of Wellness”

We will discuss the top ten tips for starting a corporate wellness program. Help with understanding the basics of developing a company wellness program that supports the culture of both the employees and employers. Topics will include senior level support, needs assessment, budgeting, programming on physical activity, nutrition, weight management, stress management and preventive health, and evaluation/cost savings.

Click here for RSVP form.

BBB Updates Advice for Recipients of Phishing Emails

Please be aware of the following Phishing email.
BBB Updates Advice for Recipients of Phishing Email Claiming to Be a Complaint

Beware of fake complaint email claiming to be from bbb.org

If you receive the fake complaint Email, DON’T OPEN IT!

An email scam using the Better Business Bureau’s name and logo continues to proliferate across North America, and even to some overseas addresses. Most of the emails carry the famous BBB torch logo and come with the subject line “Complaint from your customers.” The emails have a link or an attachment containing malicious phishing malware that steals information, often with devastating results.

Larry Andrus is a member of the board of directors of BBB Western Michigan and also the CEO of Trivalent Group, Inc., a BBB Accredited Business that helps its clients manage, access, protect, and store their data. One of his firm’s clients opened the affected attachment, which launched malware that quickly found the accounting office’s computers, accessed bank numbers and passwords, and nearly completed a fund transfer from the company’s account.

“We had to completely wipe the computers in order to contain the damage to our client,” said Dawn Simpson, Trivalent’s vice president of marketing and business development.

Because of experiences such as this one, BBB has updated its advice and recommends the following to anyone who receives the email:

  • Do not to open any attachments
  • Do not click on any links
  • Delete the email from your inbox, and then delete it again from your trash or recycling folder
  • Run a full system scan using reputable virus software

Previously, BBB had recommended running a full system scan only if the recipient had clicked on the link or opened the attachment. But due to the virulent nature of the virus, the new recommendation is for everyone who receives it to do the scan. In offices or homes that are networked, all computers should be scanned.

Chris Garver, Chief Information Officer at the Council of Better Business Bureaus, recommends that all domain owners set up a sender policy framework (SPF) and set their spam filter to use it. “Using the SPF standard helps fight spam and phishing attacks by allowing your email servers to verify whether an email is legitimate…or not,” he says.

Microsoft offers a simple, four-step process for setting up an SPF: www.microsoft.com/mscorp/safety/content/technologies/senderid/wizard/

If you receive an email saying your business has a complaint filed against it with BBB, there are several things you can do to authenticate it:

  • Look for typos, grammatical errors, etc. in the text that could indicate it originated overseas.
  • Check to see who it says it is from. Complaints go out from the local BBBs, not from the headquarters office.
  • Hover your mouse over the link to see if its destination is really a bbb.org address.
  • Copy and paste the link into Notepad (not Word). Notepad does not support html, so if the link is a fake bbb.org address, the real link will show up.
  • If you still are not sure, go to www.bbb.org to find your local BBB, and send them a new email to ask if you have a complaint (do not Reply to the email you received, or forward it to them). They have been swamped with requests, so you may not hear back immediately.

CBBB is working with federal law enforcement agencies to identify the perpetrator of this fraud, and is also looking into other measures it can take to help prevent future phishing scams from spreading.

If you receive an email from the Better Business Bureau about a complaint filed against your business please send every email directly to our phishing deactivation team:  phishing@cscprotectsbrands.com.

Bixby Turns to Bill Collectors

Story By Susan Hylton found on TulsaWorld.com

The city of Bixby is preparing to contract with a collections agency in an effort to capture some of the $600,000 that is outstanding in unpaid court fines and utility bills.

City Manager Doug Enevoldsen told the City Council recently that the contract does not cost the city anything since a 2009 state law allows agencies to assess a collection fee of up to 35 percent that is passed on to the debtor.

The council expressed an interest in offering an amnesty period to debtors first before contracting with American Municipal Services.

Steve McIntyre, an AMS account executive, told the council that AMS contracts with around 140 Oklahoma cities and has been successful in collecting debts.

McIntyre said that his company does not perform any litigation and that there is not a lot they can do when people refuse to pay their debts other than report them to the credit bureaus.

Enevoldsen said some of the local cities..

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Search for Mrs. Bixby 2012

Story from Staff Reports found on BixbyBulletin.com

Have you always wanted to make a difference in your community, but didn’t know where to start?  All around Oklahoma, women are finding that a crown can serve as a “megaphone” to promote a cause or issue. The Mrs. International Pageant System recognizes married women for their accomplishments, commitment to marriage and their desire to make a difference in their communities.  We showcase these women and applaud their efforts, not only to challenge themselves, but to make the world a better place.


If you are married and will be between the ages of 21 and 56 as of July 1, 2012, applications are now being accepted for the title of 2012 “Mrs. Bixby”!  Mrs. Bixby will have the honor of representing her area at the Mrs. Oklahoma International Pageant to be held at the Broken Arrow Center for the Performing Arts in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, March 2 – 4, 2012.


The woman selected as “Mrs. Bixby” will…

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Tulsa-City Libraries Writing Contest

Story from Staff Reports at BixbyBulletin.com

The Friends of the Tulsa City-County Libraries invites local wordsmiths to enter the 35th Annual Adult Creative Writing Contest for a chance to win cash for their snappy sonnets and enlightening essays.

The Friends group sponsors the annual contest to give unpublished authors an outlet for their writing.   The contest is open to any person 18 years or older who lives, works, attends school in Tulsa County or has a nonresident TCCL library card.  The deadline to submit entries is Jan. 31, 2012.

Submissions of unpublished original text are welcomed in these categories:

Poetry – with a 400-word limit

Informal Essay – with a 5,000-word limit

Children’s Fiction – with a 3,000-word limit

Short Story – with a 5,000-word limit
A $100 cash prize…

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City Zip Code in North Bixby

Story from Staff Reports found on BixbyBulletin.com

City of Bixby officials announced today they will not pursue any effort to change the Tulsa 74133 ZIP code currently assigned to a one square mile contained within north Bixby. The decision was based on results of a survey conducted of Bixby citizens residing in the area, with more than 80% of respondents preferring to keep their existing ZIP code. The square mile between 101st St. S. and 111th St. S., Memorial Dr. and Mingo Rd., is presently the only one in the Bixby City limits which has not been assigned the Bixby 74008 ZIP Code.  Instead, it carries a Tulsa 74133 ZIP Code.

Bixby officials indicated they had for years periodically received requests from parties located within the 74133 ZIP Code that the standard Bixby 74008 ZIP Code be established for the area, citing confusion for visitors, delivery and emergency service dispatch efforts upon encountering “Tulsa, OK 74133” addresses in what are the City of Bixby’s corporate limits. The issue resurfaced recently when the U.S. Postal Service agreed to make changes in certain ZIP codes found within the City of Jenks city limits, based on similar concerns.

“Before proceeding…”

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Jenks Journal, Glenpool Post and Bixby Bulletin to Merge

Story from Reports found on JenksJournal.com

Three communities with a lot in common yet each unique in its own way will share a print edition dedicated to the people and local businesses in south Tulsa County when Oklahoma Neighbor Newspapers combines three of its titles into the new South County Leader.

The print edition of the Bixby Bulletin, Jenks Journal and Glenpool Post will be combined into one single weekly print edition, the South County Leader, published on Thursdays starting Jan. 5.

All current subscribers to those publications will receive the combined print edition which will feature enhanced coverage of all three communities in print and online.

Danielle Parker, Steven James and Jo Jennings will continue to cover the Bixby, Jenks and Glenpool communities just as they have previously for the combined print edition and the associated web sites.

The individual web sites…

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Highlights of Bixby City Council Meeting

Story by Jo-Ann Jennings found on BixbyBulletin.com

Monday  night, November 28, at the Bixby City Council meeting, following approval of the consent agenda, council voted to change the zoning of property at 15600 S. Memorial Dr. FROM CS TO CB This location will house a company which will mix and package a product for retail sales. (Watch for a story on that as more information becomes available.) A lumber company was at this location at one time.

City Planner, Erik Enyart, opened discussion on amending the ordinance on temporary and portable signs to allow businesses to use more banner signs.

City Engineer Jared Cottle announced that the city had received a grant to built a trail north of Washington Irving Park and the river trail. The grant is for $116,000, and there are matching dollars. Easements were approved for the property several months ago. Work can begin as soon as the design is approve, The trail will connect to Fry Ditch.

Cottle reported that plans are in beginning process to build bathrooms and concessions at Bentley Park. There will be bathrooms at the playground and the new soft ball quad.

Boulden proposed…

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