Bringing Out the Best in Business

Since 1947, the Bixby Metro Chamber has been bringing out the best in business by leveraging our partners’ talents and resources to create a climate of growth and success in the community. The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce is your pathway to A Better Community, A Stronger Business & Personal Development.

Provide leadership in improving the business environment for members through the implementation of programs and services that stimulate economic growth and enhance quality of life in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Excellence | Integrity | Community | Sustainability | Diversity | Business Voice


  • Help business prosper and grow
  • Increase job opportunities in the community
  • Encourage orderly expansion and development
  • Contribute to overall economic stability
  • Encourage and promote private enterprise system of competitive marketing

Through leadership opportunities, volunteer efforts and business-building programs, the Bixby Metro Chamber improves the economic vitality and quality of life for its partners and community.

Bixby Metro Chamber Recognized as Top 10 in the Nation

The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce has been recognized every year since 2010 by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives for being one of the nation’s top ten Chambers of its size in the categories of Number of New Members and New Member Dollars.



“What a great Chamber that invests significant resources of energy, time and heart into the lives of its Member Partners! I have worked with many chambers over my career and in several communities. The effectiveness of a Chamber of Commerce comes from the heart of its leadership and staff, its board and its volunteers. This heart is driven by an intention living out of its Mission and Vision that is regularly review for effectiveness as the community and the economic develop goals changes. The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce is a team that actively shows its passion to encourage, support and promote the business climate in the community it serves. I highly recommend businesses to be a partner with The Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce! It is a valuable investment.”

Rudy Upshaw, Cross Shield Consulting