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The Bixby Education Endowment Foundation has reached out to teachers and students for more than 26 years. With the dedication of volunteers and board members, Classroom Teacher Grants and college scholarships have made a difference in the high school and college classroom.

Since 2001, $475,000 in Classroom Teacher Grants has been awarded to teachers throughout the Bixby School District. The purpose of the grants is to fund creative and innovative projects that support the approach that teachers take in introducing curriculum.

Through the grants, students have been provided with Smart Boards and Net Books for the classroom, a grand piano in the auditorium, synthesizers in the band room and a kiln for art classes. “Among many other items for students, the grants have also funded anatomy models and DNA equipment for the science labs,” notes Foundation President Jayne Bowen.

These grants are very important for the teachers and students since they supplement what the schools cannot provide. “Most of the projects are individualized by the teachers and the schools support but do not fund them.”

This November, the Classroom Teacher Grants will be awarded. “It is so nice to give the checks to teachers in their classrooms. Students are always very excited and the teachers immediately begin to plan their projects,” says Bowen.

The foundation has…

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