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The recently released 2010 Census counts contain some very interesting information, confirming the city of Bixby’s reputation as a very high growth community with a very positive demographic, says Trish Richey, the City of Bixby’s Economic Development Director. “These facts, along with our high quality of schools, status as a very safe community with a stable, progressive government, a strong chamber of commerce, and very attractive quality of life, continue to make Bixby a top choice for people and businesses looking to relocate to the Tulsa metro area, “  Richey said.

Citing data produced through last year’s decennial census process, combined with result of other research and analysis, Richey has assembled an impressive listing of facts and figures which help her and other City officials communicate to people who may not be familiar with our community why they should consider relocating their home or business to Bixby:

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