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BIXBY – The city’s police officers will have room to stretch their legs when the Police Department moves to a recently renovated floor of City Hall later this year.

The second-floor renovation of the building at 116 W. Needles Ave. gives the department about 50 percent more floor space, Police Chief Ike Shirley said.

Officers are sharing the first floor with city personnel, communications personnel, the city jail and a fire station, and they often sit two or more to an office, he said.

“This will be kind of a morale boost to our officers,” Shirley said. “It’s kind of difficult to do our jobs right now with the facilities we have. We’ve got very cramped quarters.”

Funded by part of a $10 million bond proposal from 2011, the renovation reinforced the two-story building’s walls to ensure structural integrity, particularly on the top floor.

It also expanded restrooms and included cosmetic updates for the second floor as well as the downstairs City Council Chamber and municipal courtroom.

City Council meetings have been held in an alternate room during the renovation.

“It was a pretty extensive…”

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