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It’s difficult to make a circle of Bixby city limits without seeing new school buildings in various stages of progress.

Ready by fall of 2012 is a new middle school, which will positively affect Brassfield and Central Elementary.

“The new middle school on Mingo is right on schedule,” says Dr. Kaylin Coody, associate superintendent of Bixby school district.

Seventh and eighth grade students will be carrying their new notebooks and pens into new digs.

What the community knows as Bixby Middle School now will become Central Intermediate. Fourth and fifth grade students will be moving out of Brassfield Fifth and Sixth Grade Center, as will the fourth-graders from Central Elementary. Counting North Intermediate on 121st Street, Bixby will then have two intermediate schools, also in the fall of 2012.

Central Elementary in downtown Bixby and North Elementary at 121st Street will hold only first, second and third grade students.

“There will be more room at Central,” Coody said. “It’s exciting!”

Coody said Northeast Elementary on 131st Street will not open next fall as originally planned.

“There was a significant…

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