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The city of Bixby is preparing to contract with a collections agency in an effort to capture some of the $600,000 that is outstanding in unpaid court fines and utility bills.

City Manager Doug Enevoldsen told the City Council recently that the contract does not cost the city anything since a 2009 state law allows agencies to assess a collection fee of up to 35 percent that is passed on to the debtor.

The council expressed an interest in offering an amnesty period to debtors first before contracting with American Municipal Services.

Steve McIntyre, an AMS account executive, told the council that AMS contracts with around 140 Oklahoma cities and has been successful in collecting debts.

McIntyre said that his company does not perform any litigation and that there is not a lot they can do when people refuse to pay their debts other than report them to the credit bureaus.

Enevoldsen said some of the local cities..

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