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Subject to the approval of The Honorable Tamera A. Childers, presiding judge of the municipal court, City of Bixby, a proposed amnesty program was presented to Bixby City Council Monday night, January 23, at the regular council meeting.

City Attorney, Patrick Boulden, who presented the amnesty program to council, surmised that Childers would approve of the program, or tweak it, following court on Tuesday night, January 24. Council accepted the proposal with a 4-0 vote based on Childers’ approval.

Boulden told the council that the amnesty program, proposed for Monday, Feb. 6, 2012, through Friday, Feb. 17, 2012, would allow any person with outstanding City of Bixby municipal warrants to voluntarily appear before the Bixby municipal court clerk during regular office hours without being subject to arrest and immediate imprisonment on warrants issued by the Bixby municipal court.

The program was proposed in response to action taken by the council previously to contract with a debt collection agency to collect past due and outstanding fines and costs. The contract was finalized on Jan. 3, 2012. “For those collections,” says Boulden, “the agency will receive a fee equal to 35 percent of the fines and costs collected, and the defendants will be obligated to pay that amount in addition to their fines and costs. If defendants avail themselves of the city’s amnesty program, they may not only avoid arrest, late fees and court costs, they may also avoid the collection agency’s 35 percent fee.”

Three major advantages…

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