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City of Bixby officials announced today they will not pursue any effort to change the Tulsa 74133 ZIP code currently assigned to a one square mile contained within north Bixby. The decision was based on results of a survey conducted of Bixby citizens residing in the area, with more than 80% of respondents preferring to keep their existing ZIP code. The square mile between 101st St. S. and 111th St. S., Memorial Dr. and Mingo Rd., is presently the only one in the Bixby City limits which has not been assigned the Bixby 74008 ZIP Code.  Instead, it carries a Tulsa 74133 ZIP Code.

Bixby officials indicated they had for years periodically received requests from parties located within the 74133 ZIP Code that the standard Bixby 74008 ZIP Code be established for the area, citing confusion for visitors, delivery and emergency service dispatch efforts upon encountering “Tulsa, OK 74133” addresses in what are the City of Bixby’s corporate limits. The issue resurfaced recently when the U.S. Postal Service agreed to make changes in certain ZIP codes found within the City of Jenks city limits, based on similar concerns.

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