Bixby Metro Chamber Leads Economic Development

For 70 years, the Bixby Metro Chamber has strived to bring out the best in our community, the best in our city and the best in our businesses. Through city, state and regional partnerships, BMC has laid a foundation for residential and business growth in our community.


BMC is the lead organization in the city for primary jobs, industrial and office recruitment in Bixby. We work directly with city government to direct valuable and smart growth

for our companies and citizens. We are the first point of contact for companies that are looking for land, have questions about our small area plans, or need to discuss finance needs.

BMC’s vision is to provide a pathway to the community for business owners by growing relationships and providing quality programs and services which will positively affect revenue for Bixby and add value for our entire community.

Bixby Economic Development Advisory Council

In 2016, the Bixby Metro Chamber spearheaded the creation of the Bixby Economic Development Advisory Council (BEDAC).  BEDAC is comprised of members from the City of Bixby, Bixby Metro Chamber, Bixby Public Schools and the Bixby business community to help ensure that all economic development initiatives and programs for the Bixby community are compatible, coordinated, and focused on the common goals of all entities.


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Our Mission: “Champion economic growth in Bixby through long lasting, inclusive relationships with businesses and the community.”

The Bixby Development Foundation was founded in 2019. We are focused on creating a culture in Bixby that attracts, recruits, and retains jobs for our community and provide resources for start-ups and small business development.  The Development Foundation will be a voice in the community to help determine what long-term success looks like for Bixby and will partner with any organization that shares our vision for a brighter economic future.