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Opportunity for new business activity thrives in Bixby, which features some of the highest population growth trends and most favorable income and educational attainment demographics in Oklahoma, as well as a documented retail trade gap in excess of $1.18 billon.

This market potential, along with Bixby’s high quality of schools, status as a very safe community with a stable, progressive government and very attractive quality of life, continues to make Bixby a top choice for businesses looking to expand or relocate to the Tulsa-metro area.

Bixby has plenty of remaining land within its future growth “fence line” to accommodate both additional residential growth and significant commercial development, including along the Arkansas River. Bixby also is well connected to the state and regional economy through a set of state highways and is less than a thirty minute drive to the Tulsa International Airport and downtown Tulsa.

Start a Business in Bixby

Starting a business or relocating your business to a new community can be a complicated process. To help make the transition easier, BMC has compiled contact information for Bixby’s most common services. For information about the permit process, zoning and planning, download the Bixby Business Guide.


Non-Retail Developments

Krystal Crockett

Bixby Metro Chamber



Retail Developments

Jennifer Rush

City of Bixby