Why Choose Bixby?

The City of Bixby is the natural choice for business.  As one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing cities, Bixby is a dynamic community with a generally affluent and well-educated population base. We’ve developed the Choose Bixby section of this website to showcase Bixby’s profile and to convince entrepreneurs, existing businesses looking for the best place to grow, and retail site selectors that Bixby is the natural choice for business. On this website, you’ll find:


  • Home Values
  • School and Residential Information
  • Housing & Commercial Permit Valuations


  • Growth
  • Median Age
  • Education
  • Income


  • Sales Tax Receipts
  • Access Points from Surrounding Areas
  • City Procedures


  • Effective Buying Income
  • Consumer Spending Habits
  • Electronic List of Key Opportunity Categories

In each section, you’ll have the opportunity to quickly choose the data you’re most interested in seeing and have it displayed for you in a ready-to-print, ready-to-email format designed to make sharing the good news about Bixby easy.

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For more information, contact Bixby Metro Chamber President Krystal Crockett at (918) 366-9445.

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