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Make one visit to Bixby, Oklahoma and you’ll see why it’s Oklahoma’s fastest-growing community. Blooming residential neighborhoods featuring a variety of housing styles, excellent schools, vibrant community life and available land for development all make Bixby the natural choice for business. As Tulsa metro residents discover all that Bixby offers, they are increasingly choosing to move and become part of this thriving city immediately adjacent to Tulsa proper. As local business owners and national concerns discover the market access a Bixby location offers, new shopping, dining and entertainment choices appear frequently.

The foundation of Bixby’s success is a progressive municipal government consistently focused on proactive growth and dedicated to bringing successful new business to Bixby.

Home Values

Value between 2012-2016 of Owner-Occupied Housing

LocationMedian ValueUp to $39,999$40,000 to $79,999$80,000 to $149,999$150,000 to $299,999$300,000+% Owner Occupied
Bixby - Trade Area$196,586.003.42%3.57%22.06%45.35%25.64%75.97%
Bixby - 7 mile Radius$189,682.002.17%2.21%26.23%46.76%22.62%75.85%
Bixby - ZIP$189,506.004.25%3.07%23.73%45.25%23.70%77.51%
Tulsa MSA$135,119.008.43%14.09%34.14%32.76%10.57%67.00%
Oklahoma $119,546.0011.42%18.44%33.52%27.89%8.73%67.24%

2019 Housing Values

Location Tulsa MSA- Median value is $141,700

Location Bixby- Median value is $195,800

Location Oklahoma- Median value is $121,300

Bixby- % of owner occupied is 77.9

Tulsa- % of owner occupied is 59.1

Oklahoma- % of owner occupied 65.7

Home values in Bixby exceed those of the Tulsa metro area in general and also the statewide average. New homes built  tend to be upscale, though there is a good variety of new and existing housing available. Seventy-eight percent of residents own their homes, indicating residents on average have income levels to support ownership of larger homes.


School Information

Bixby Public Schools is a progressive school system dedicated to providing an excellent education in a safe environment. Serving more than 5600 students across a 100 square mile district, Bixby emphasizes a solid Common Core curriculum as well as providing students the technology skills necessary for the 21st century. Courses in art, music, business, agriculture, technology, foreign language and vocational/technical education are available at multiple grade levels. Bixby athletic, academic, and performance programs are consistent contenders for state and national honors.

Expansion: BPS is planning a multi-year bond issue in 2016. Possible projects for the 2016 bond issue include Phase II construction of the 9th grade center, construction of a new 7th Grade Center and the conversion of the existing Bixby Middle School to an 8th Grade Center. Additional projects that could be funded include a new elementary in the southwest area of the district and the first phase of renovations and new construction at Bixby High School.

Update: 2016 Bond passed and projects have been updated.

Bixby residents believe in the value of education and historically have been enthusiastic supporters of necessary expansion and investment in the education of Bixby children.

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Residential & Commercial Permits & Trends

  Residential Commercial

The city of Bixby offers new residents and developers alike outstanding locations, amenities and infrastructure. A look at recent permits issued showcases the strength of Bixby’s growth trend. Bixby led the Tulsa metro area in 2013 for percentage of housing stock from new construction, and was third overall in the metro, following Tulsa and Broken Arrow, for total new home permits. New developments continue to come online in both the commercial and residential areas, and Bixby expects to continue not only growing, but offering a wider array of choices to residents and visitors alike.