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The City of Bixby’s rapid growth showcases one of Bixby’s strengths: the city is easy to live in, easy to work, shop and play in, and welcomes new residents. Bixby is known across Oklahoma as a great place for both people and businesses to locate – for good reason. Bixby represents some of the best of what the Tulsa metro area has to offer, from access to all of the metro’s benefits to its own unique downtown, shopping districts, community festivals and more. Housing in a variety of styles and ranges, land for development, outstanding schools, and a thriving business community supported by local and metro residents alike all contribute to Bixby’s continued growth.

Some Demographic Highlights:

  • 77% of Bixby households are family households
  • 40% of Bixby residents have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • The average household income in Bixby is $97,105.00
  • 138,031 people live within a 7-mile radius of the heart of Bixby

Residents have repeatedly expressed an interest in additional retail and other businesses, since so many of their current purchases must be made in Tulsa proper. Local businesses report shoppers from across the southern part of the metro in addition to outlying communities as far as 30 miles away. Bixby’s tremendous market draw means the city makes sense as a location for any business hoping to take advantage of both the lucrative south Tulsa and the dynamic Bixby marketplaces.

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Population Growth

Population Aggregate

E = Estimated

Location2010 Pop.2017-E Pop.% Growth 2010-17
Tulsa MSA603403646,2667.1%

Bixby remains one of the fastest growing communities in Oklahoma, posting 37.68% growth over recent years. Bixby is an affluent suburb immediately adjacent to Tulsa, yet growth in the Bixby area far outstrips that of the metro and the state in general. Bixby’s boom shows no signs of slowing… homebuilders report they continue to build and sell homes quickly in this highly desirable area. With significant recent investments in parks, recreation, and education, Bixby’s quality of life draws in new residents.

Q4 2015:

 Total PopulationTotal Households
2010 Census99,28035,825
Q4 2015 Estimate110,33539,796
2020 Projection122,30844,100
Percent Change 2015 to 202010.85%10.82%

Median Age

Age Demographics

LocationMedian AgeRange 21-44Range 45 - 64Persons under 5yrsPersons under 18yrsPersons 65yrs and over
Tulsa MSA37%30.94%25.87%7.2%25.4%14%

The median age of Bixby’s population closely mirrors that of Tulsa proper and the state in general, with the city of Bixby posting a median age slightly younger than either comparative. Bixby’s population in the desirable 21-44 and 45-64 age ranges is comparable to other communities of its size, with more than 55% of the total population falling in those ranges.

2014 Educational Attainment, Population 25+ Years Old


LocationHigh school graduate or higherBachelor's Degree or higher

Bixby’s populace is well-educated, with more than 45% of adults over 25 possessing a college degree. In the trade area, slightly more than half of all adults 25+ have earned a college degree. Bixby is significantly ahead of the Tulsa metro area in general and the state figures as well. In addition to an educated adult population, Bixby’s public schools are consistently top-notch and are cited by most new residents as a major factor in their decision to move to Bixby. The school continues to pro-actively build for the future with additional facilities, improvements and enhancements. Find out more about Bixby Public Schools.

Educational Attainment Q4 2015 Est

 Q4 2015 Est
Grade Less than 9967
Grade 9 to 122,718
High School14,957
Some College16,811

Household Income

LocationMedian IncomePoverty Percent

Bixby household incomes are amongst the highest in the metro area. In fact, the Bixby area is one of the most affluent regions of Oklahoma. Both average and median household incomes for the immediate (ZIP) Bixby area and for the larger trade areas are significantly higher than either the Tulsa metro or the state for 2014.

Households by Income Q4 2015

 2000CensusQ4 2015 Estimate
$0-$19,9993,041 11.25%4,325 10.87%
$20,000-$49,9998,461 31.31%9,942 24.98%
$50,000-$74,9996,644 24.59%8,158 20.50%
$75,000-$99,9993,850 14.25%5,917 14.87%
$100,000-$149,9992,944 10.90%6,405 16.09%
$150,000+ 2,084 7.71%5,049 12.69%
Average Hhld Income$73,689 $92,068
Median Hhld Income$57,041 $66,640
Per Capita Income$25,669 $33,207