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TULSA, Okla. —

The Tulsa area’s newest, most modern grocery store will open its doors Wednesday in Bixby.

Reasor’s stores owner Jeff Reasor gave KRMG an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new store a week before it opens near the intersection of S. Memorial and E. 111st St.

He noted the unique design elements of the store, which he says are geared to appeal to his largely female clientele.

“The ladies are going to pick up on the textures and the colors and the angles. Eighty percent of my customers are women, so we’re trying to really tailor the store for them.”

Among other amenities, the store features a place to sit and enjoy the fresh-cooked deli offerings, sushi, baked goods and other items available in the restaurant area of the store.

The market also features two “education centers,” basically cooking stations which will be manned by trained chefs seven days a week.

The chefs will teach quick, easy techniques to customers as a way to encourage them to broaden their horizons and do more home cooking and to help increase his sales.

“The general population..”

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