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Since Gov. Mary Fallin launched the 2011 Business Climate Survey on Dec. 1, more than 3,000 business owners and executives from 76 of 77 counties have weighed in with perspectives on business issues ranging from infrastructure to workforce.

The web site contains reports on early information about who has taken the survey.

Oklahoma and Tulsa counties lead with the greatest number of participants at 30.96 and 14.75 percent of total respondents respectively. Several rural counties – Cimarron, Coal, Cotton and Roger Mills – have had more than 20 percent of all their businesses participate in the survey.

“Participation levels like this illustrate the importance that businesses statewide attach to this initiative,” said Dave Lopez, secretary of Commerce and Tourism.

Businesses of all sizes have responded to the survey, with 78 percent of businesses that employ more than 500 people participating. Small businesses, with fewer than 100 employees, have also capitalized on this opportunity to make their voices heard, representing 87.4 percent of all the businesses participating in the survey to date.

“For small businesses…”

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