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The 2011 parade marshall for the Green Corn Festival Parade, Jim Brown, claims  he was at one time  Bixby’s “market brat,” but those who know him just chuckle, knowing he  loves the Bixby community and has accomplished much and for many since November, 1950, when he was born here, the only boy in the family.

Jim’s father, Roy T. “Doc” Brown, moved to Bixby in 1945-1946 after  being discharged from the US Army. Doc’s plan had been to return from the Army and work at Spartan Aviation, Tulsa, but his relatives, who owned the Packing House Market in Tulsa, convinced him he should become part owner of the business. Doc owned the market by 1952 and remained the owner until his death in 1985.

Having made a name for himself as defensive back-field of the Bixby Spartans’ football team, Jim graduated from Bixby High School in 1968 and took a series of marketing courses, earning an associate’s degree at TJC (now TCC) becoming a full time employee at Doc’s in 1972; the store’s owner, in 1985.

Through the years Jim Brown has offered meaningful contributions to wherever there was a need in Bixby.

He married Eva Jane in June 25, 1970. They are the parents of Courtney and Ava and grandparents of Shelby and Riley.

Jim is a founding member of…

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