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Taken over, sold, and repurchased, Bixby’s SpiritBank Event Center in Regal Plaza continues to move forward despite roadblocks on its path to success. It began with great expectations in 2008. Remy Companies launched this impressive facility, financed by SpiritBank. Retail space, nearby hotels, restaurants and bars being built and Tulsa’s new basketball development league, Tulsa 66ers announced the center as their home court. However, the tide soon turned and Remy Companies found itself in foreclosure.

After just one season, the Tulsa 66ers left to play at the Tulsa Convention Center. SpiritBank took over both the center and the surrounding retail space in 2010.
A few months later, SpiritBank sold the event center to MacPot LLC, owned by Phil Thompson of Edmond. He had big plans, but had to sell the property back in 2011 for his purchase price after being unable to get the space back on its feet.

When asked why they repurchased the property, SpiritBank Marketing Executive Vice President Joyce Madewell says, “ From our perspective, we had a commitment to the project, to Bixby and the South Tulsa areas, which we kept by improving and stabilizing the property over the last two years while looking for suitable buyers that could see the project to fruition.”

Several businesses are Regal Plaza mainstays and continue…

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