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The future development of public transportation in the greater Tulsa metro area has been approved by a local agency, with the idea of implementing a plan within the next few years.

When all is completed, cities such as Owasso and Bixby will be linked so a person could travel from one to the other without driving.

The Foundation Plan calls for 70 total miles of public transportation, including 14 miles of circular routes, 42 miles of urban routes and 14 miles of commuter routes.

The cities of Owasso, Catoosa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Sapulpa and Sand Springs would all be linked together once the system is fully operational.

The Indian Nations Council of Governments revealed the plan to the general public Friday, Oct. 14, and plans to have the new system operational in stages.

Viplav Putta, transportation manager for INCOG, said this updated plan would take about 25 years to fully implement.

“The plan talks about several corridors that have been identified,” he said.

Of those, 16 of the 25 corridors would be high-capacity, which would include Owasso and Broken Arrow to Tulsa, Sapulpa and San Springs to Tulsa, along with Bixby and Jenks to Tulsa, Putta said. All these would be considered commuter routes.

Most of that would…

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