Bixby Public Schools … Home of the Spartans

Bixby Public Schools is currently the 36th largest school district in Oklahoma and competes at the 5A level. Bixby Public Schools includes six schools that currently serve over 6,000 students in grades PK through 12th.

Bixby Public Schools’ vision is to create challenging learning environments for all students and encourage a culture of respect. Such commitment to excellence comes in part from Bixby’ strong community spirit, where our citizens are proud of their youth and show great support for the district’s academic growth and athletics.

This award-winning school system boasts excellent state test scores, outstanding activity programs – such as its state champion marching band – and high achieving athletic teams all lending credence to its slogan as “Simply the Best.”

In 2016, voters approved a multi-year $142M bond issue for construction and renovation of school buildings. The district has seen a steady growth of student population and anticipates a student enrollment of 7,500-8,000 within the next seven years.

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