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Supporting education will continue to be a top priority for Sen. Mike Mazzei in the upcoming legislative session.   Mazzei, a Tulsa Republican, said education remains key to continuing efforts to create new jobs and expand Oklahoma’s economy.

“We know for a fact that there is a direct connection between states that have the highest education levels and the highest per capita income,” Mazzei said.  “Investments in education now will make all the difference in the years to come.”

Mazzei said he fully supports flexible spending benefits for educators as well as restoring the $5,000 bonus for national board certified teachers.

“When the State Board shifted the calculation of flexible benefits funding from the contractual year to the fiscal year, educators were concerned that they could wind up getting shortchanged,” Mazzei said.  “They need assurances that those benefits will be funded for every month of the year.  Likewise, educators who have gone that extra mile to receive national board certification should be awarded their $5,000 bonus as promised.”

Mazzei, who is…

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