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SpiritBank announced today that it has re-acquired the SpiritBank Event Center from MacPot, LLC, a real estate investment group that acquired the facility last year. The center is located at 106th Street & Memorial Drive.

A spokesperson for MacPot said, “We entered this transaction with certain plans for the facility, but because of the uncertainties in the economy those plans have changed. We believe it makes a lot of sense for the bank to own and operate this property. We appreciate and value our relationship with SpiritBank and look forward to watching the facility continue to evolve for the Tulsa and Bixby area.”

SpiritBank’s mortgage lending offices, formally in the bank’s branches, were consolidated and moved this month into the Event Center complex. “It’s over 6,000 square feet of a first class mortgage operation of which I’m very proud,” said Scott Veitch, President of SpiritBank Mortgage. “Having all our operations under one roof provides a great synergy for the bank and for the customers at a convenient destination point. We’ll also be able to have educational seminars for customers, builders and realtors with the banquet facilities here.”

The bank’s primary…

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