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More than 95 percent of Bixby High School’s seniors are on track to graduate based on their scores in the Achieving Classroom Excellence End-of-Instruction tests, Superintendent Kyle Wood told school board members Monday.

A few of the rest, however, are in danger of not receiving a diploma because of circumstances that are hindering them from fitting what Wood called the “cookie-cutter” approach of the ACE EOI standards.

“The expectation that has been placed on kids today is much different than it was when we were in high school,” Wood said, when students merely had to make a passing grade in a required number of classes.

Students in the Class of 2012 are the first who will have to score advanced or proficient on four out of seven EOI tests to graduate.

Identifying at-risk students by numbers instead of names, Wood explained some of the extenuating circumstances that have hindered some students’ test performance: physical abuse, drug abuse by parents, abandonment, multiple medical issues, changing schools frequently, even homelessness.

Wood said the ACE EOI requirements…

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