Story by Ian Silver found on Fox

Chambers of commerce for six Tulsa-area cities have signed a compact with the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce to collaborate and work together for economic growth.

Chambers in Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow and Owasso signed the compact with Tulsa Friday.

With today’s harsh economic climate, it’s harder than ever for cities and towns to attract new business and grow their local economies. This pact between the seven cities is essentially an agreement that all will be more successful working as a team, then any would competing with each other.

The idea came during a trip several of the chamber leaders took last year, when they saw how cities across the Louisville, Kentucky area came together and created one of the most successful regional economic growth engines in the country.

If it worked there, why not here?

“It was Broken Arrow that first said let’s get compacts going this year,” Tulsa Metro Chamber Chairman Dr. Gerry Clancy said. “And so we’ve started, starting back in April. And then today really picking up speed with it.”

For smaller cities…

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